Shamanic Art Facilitator and Life Coach Certification

Shamanic Art Facilitator and Life Coach Certification takes you on an inner journey developing your connectedness with Earth, the Ancestors, legends and myths told in story and explored through our psyche and consciousness through paint, collage, printing, fiber and pen.  This is one of the most unique programs in the country and ready's you with a background in trauma informed mindfulness, meditative and mindful intuitive art making and Shamanic celebration, connection and communion through the arts.  You'll explore sound, visual art, writing and movement.

The following course list is the list of the courses for the entire program.  You are welcome to work on one at a time, which is recommended for the developing practice courses, or on several at a time.  

Certification Core (required of all paths of certification):

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (12 lessons)

  • Trauma Informed Ways of Being (9 super sized lessons)

  • Self Care Essentials  (6 lessons)

  • Developing Your Sacred Creative Practice (FREE mini workshop online)

  • Breathwork (21 daily lessons)

  • Meditation (21 daily lessons)

  • Mantras, Chants and Prayers (21 daily lessons)

  • Affirmation and Gratitude as Core Practice (21 daily lessons)

  • Working With People Impacted by Trauma (9 weeks)

Certification Mindful Expressive Arts Courses:

  • Meditative Mark Making and Zen Drawing (21 daily lessons practice)

  • Intuitive Watercolor Play  Painting (21 daily lessons practice)

  • Introduction to Mindful  Mandalas - (6 weekly lessons course)

  • Walking Miracle and Blessed: An Affirmation and Gratitude Practice Art Experience - (21 daily lessons practice)

  • Mixed Media Intuitive Art Journaling (21 daily lessons)

  • Expressive Arts  (Integrating the Arts) -(6 weekly lessons course)

  • Creative Expression: Bridge to Source and Self (6 weekly lessons)

  • Mindfulness Based Expressive Art Stress Reduction (8 Weeks)

  • Facilitating Group Workshops and Coaching Sessions (3 hour Group Practicum Sessions Required, 6 weekly lessons plus 3- 90+ minute practicum)

  • Facilitating Individual Workshops and Coaching Sessions (3-90 minute  Individual Coaching Practicum Sessions plus 6 weekly lessons)

Shamanic Art Specialization

  • Creating Sacred Creative Rituals and Ceremonies (6 weekly lessons practice course)

  • Shamanic Art Creation Through History (6 weekly lessons)

  • Shamanic Journey with Sacred Art and Sound (6 weekly lessons)

  • Earth Art with Expressive Arts Practices (6 weekly lessons practice course)

  • Sacred Symbols and Geometry in Art Making (6 weekly lessons)

  • Return of the Wild Woman: Exploring Indigenous Myths Through Art Making (6 weekly lessons)

  • 13 Grandmothers: Connecting to the Ancestors through the Arts  (6 weekly lessons)

  • Animal Medicine and 4 Elements in Sacred Creative Journaling (21 daily lessons)

  • Sacred Dolls: Ancestors Speak ( 6 Weeks)

  • Creating the Divine Feminine ( 6 Weeks)

  • Inspired Mixed Media: Kateri Tekawitha (4 Weeks)

  • Shamanic Art  Facilitation (12 weeks) 

Bundled Discount 350.00

Payment Plan:  55.00 per month for 8 months.

Bundled Discount  450.00

Payment Plan:  55.00 per month for 10 months.

Bundled: 700.00

Payment Plan: 55.00 per months for 14 months.

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