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Arts Based Trauma and Resiliency Coach

Client Centered Therapeutic Art Life Coaching/Counseling

Jessica Waters, M.A., R.P., MAADC-2, MPS


FIT CoOccurring Disorcers Certified (Hazelden)

ADHD Certified Educator

Healing Through Art for Palliative Care Trainer

Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Certified

Health in Arts Certified Trainer

Healing Through Art Certified Trainer

Jessica has 24 years of elementary teaching experience,15 in the art classroom. She has worked in the urban core, title 1, high trauma schools as well as suburban and rural schools with significant needs. She realized how important social emotional learning, resiliency techniques and trauma training for teachers were in the classroom many years ago  where she experienced school violence and the impact it had on herself, her colleagues and her students. She found relief for both herself and her students through therapeutic expressive arts, therapy and behavior nutrition.  She holds a M.A. in psychology and numerous certifications and academic certificates in trauma, addictions, expressive arts, fine art, compassion fatigue, behavioral medicine and mindfulness (MBSR, Primordial Sound, Breathwork). 

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching/Counseling and Healing Through Art sessions are available as individual sessions and packages. Initial consultation is free.  Sessions range in price but Jessica will work with you. Long distance, online sessions and workshops are available through the Mindfulness Creative Arts Institute. Workshops can be online or in-person.  Paypal is the vendor for payments. 

Her Therapeutic Expressive Art Life Coaching, Expressive Arts Facilitation and Intuitive Meditation Workshops can occur 1:1, in small groups and via long distance using email and Skype. Both can be used to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth, teach new skills, foster creativity personally, professionally, in the workplace or in schools, to assist in team building and ease life’s transitions. Sessions encompass all modalities of the arts including visual art, music making, visualization and guided imagery, poetry and writing, dance and movement and mixed media modality experiences. No art skills are necessary.  Workshops are process oriented not product oriented.

Integrative Behavior Medicine involves looking at lifestyle and nutritional changes that impact mental health.  Consults are available individually or with Therapeutic Art Life Coaching sessions.

Trauma Informed Care/Classroom Consultations and Self Care/Resiliency Planning is available on a 1:1 or group basis.  Contact us for more details.

Intuitive Meditation Art is a type of Intuitive Art Making that involves all forms of meditation as a precursor to creation and during the process of creation. Intuitive Art is the process of expressing yourself, trusting yourself, allowing yourself and giving yourself permission to express, create and move through art making without internal judgement or an inner critic.

Intuitive painting does not require years of training in art techniques. Your authentic self-expression will evolve as you practice. Quiet your rational mind as you paint. See what wants to be expressed.  In spontaneous painting do not aim for a pretty end product. Invite a truthful process. Dare to allow something new and unknown emerge. The following link provides a great introductory video on Intuitive Painting. My approach differs from Intuitive Painting with the meditation element and the inclusion of interdisciplinary, multimodal expressive arts. You do not have to have a background in meditation or art to come to a workshop.

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