What or Who is Your Muse?

It's New Year's Eve and I am readying for the release of our Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator and Life Coach program! This is so exciting! It has taken much longer than we anticipated but we will begin taking enrollments on Monday, January 4th. Those attending the Saturday January 2nd New Year's Meditative Affirmation Art Intention Setting Workshop will receive a discount on the program. To give you a sneak peak of the program I want to provide you with two different items. One, the landing page for the program so you can check it out. Second, a booklet called "the Artist's Muse" that leads you through reflective and creative questions helping you to find your muse or inspiration in life.

This program helps you develop or expand your own mindfulness and meditation practice, explore a variety of different art making methods and mindful and meditative art exercises and provide you with the information and coaching to work with groups and 1:1 with individual coaching clients in mindful and meditative arts. It is priced at three different tiers.

The Sponsor rate, which provides assistance for our scholarship fund and around 75 homeless care kits to our community, at 600.00. The Need Based rate, which provides our homeless community with approximately 35 homeless care kits is 297.00. And the Scholarship rate, which requires a scholarship application, is available as well. Payment plans are available and billing is through Paypal.

You receive 9 online modules that you can work on at your own pace with no time limit. There are almost 100 lessons total within the modules. Resources include audio downloads of guided meditations and breathwork, mindfulness and meditation scripts, procedure posters and infographics, worksheets, and various other downloads that support your learning and facilitation of workshops. You DO NOT need any art experience to participate and go through the training. It incorporates expressive arts, visual art techniques and movement (yoga, expressive dance, etc) together with the mindfulness pieces. You will create a lesson plan for each art activity so it will be ready for you to teach. You will also need to teach either an online workshop to a group or do a 1:1 session with something and log 50 hours of mindfulness and meditation practice throughout the program.

For questions, contact Jessica at info@mindfulcreativearts.com.

the artist's muse booklet
Download PDF • 24.35MB

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