The Best Pandemic Guide to Well Being and Navigating Stress, Loss and Disconnection/Loneliness IMHO

Let me start by saying, this is my opinion. That's why my blog is. My opinion. You don't have to agree of course! But this is my opinion space. So... there are several COVID19 pandemic survival kits and articles, etc out on the web right now. I've read many of them being in the line of work I'm in. But I want to present you with what I feel is hands down the best one stop shop for your pandemic crisis needs that addresses adults to children, caregivers, educators, health professionals, everyone. It's from the Greater Good Foundation at UC Berkley which is known for being the leader in mindfulness education, research and programming. It's Greater Goods Guide to Well Being During Coronavirus.

It is ripe with information. It is however, overwhelming for many with so many links and places to find resources. But... you have your choice. An article that went out this morning in the Greater Good Newsletter entitled, A Psychiatrists Tips for Calming Your Pandemic Stress.

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