Sacred Honoring Ritual - 3/20

Breathe with me. Inhale for 4. Pause. Exhale for 7. Let's repeat that about 5 times.

Feel, actually feel, your feet on the ground, whether they are in your shoes or barefoot on the rug like mine are. Wiggle your toes and press your feet into the ground while taking another 3 breaths. Stretch your back, reaching your hands up to the sky. With hands down shrug and roll your shoulders backwards ten times to release the tension that is built up in the muscles. 3 more breaths.

Welcome. Place both hands on your heart and breathe in, acknowledging your sacred heart space. Say the following with me,

"I am blessed by the grace of this sacredness. I open my heart to the tender fire of passionate presence. Though merciful compassion, to myself and my world, I ask to be shown the greater truth that will set me free. Great spirit, who loves me unconditionally, I call upon your loving grace. Help me release what I no longer need, what's too small for my Divine great light that you have opened in me. Help me recognize the purity of my own being so that I can more easily trust in the Divine love calling to me, like an insistent lover, in every moment. I breathe your compassionate grace now. Thank you, my beloved." --adapted from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Keeping your hands resting on your chest, breathe in and out slowly, opening yourself to the moment. Continue this as long as it feels appropriate to you, for you. When you are ready to move on, I would urge you to sit and just be for a few moments.

Engaging in a creative act after a ritual like this can be additionally connecting, healing and learning. Maybe start and art journal or a creative writing journal to record the images and words that flow through you after these prayers and as you connect to the Divine.

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