Now Enrolling - the NEW Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator and Life Coach Training!

The new Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator and Life Coach Training program is open and enrolling students! We currently have students from all over the world that are beginning this journey into mindfulness and meditation, learning how to use expressive arts creation with breathwork, mindfulness and meditation to explore their inner selves deeper, self regulate and connect to their higher power, energy or universe. This is the only program currently available that dives deep into helping you develop your mindfulness practice, your mindful art practice, and your facilitation skills for both group facilitation and life coaching sessions. Included are 9 modules that have extensive readings, videos, audios, guided meditations, breathwork and mindfulness practices as well as meditation scripts. You also receive lesson plan formats, 8 workbooks that include resources for facilitation, mindfulness practices and each mindful art area we explore. In this level 1 course you will learn the fundamental foundations of mindfulness that were established by Jon Kabat Zinn as well as Thich Nhat Hahn other great practitioners. You'll learn about the Attitudes, Frameworks and explore, in depth, developing your own inner awareness. Why? Because it's essential that you have your own solid mindfulness and mindful art practice to successfully teach it to others and use it to guide others in coaching or if you are licensed, therapeutically.

You will also have modules that take you through a thorough understanding of Understanding Trauma and Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (David Treleaven), Self Care ( including self care assessments, planners), Intuitive and Meditative Mixed Media practices (painting, printing, stamping, etc), Mindful Mandala's (4 specific types), Mindful Drawing practices (5+ different types), Mindful Affirmation Art and how to create your own affirmation and gratitude practice, Mindful and Intuitive Painting practices, group facilitation from a teacher with 25 years experience and individual life coaching skills from a licensed counselor and coach. The manual for the program is over 300 pages, downloadable and also presented as a flip book in the modules. All workbooks are downloadable and you may purchase them for your groups and individual coaching clients for a small licensing fee (25.00 per certified practitioner).

Requirements for the certification are completion of all assignments, 50 hours of documented ( in a daily practice log) of breathwork, mindfulness practices and/or meditation, a lesson plan for each module for a group workshop (to keep as a resource) and documentation of facilitation of a group workshop and 1 coaching session. More information can be found at the certification page here!

You will also be able to enroll in Level 2 opening this summer/fall at a 50% discounted rate and have the option to add the Therapeutic Art Certification add on package when it opens for a discounted rate as well.

There are three price tiers and partial scholarships are available. Monthly payment plans available.

Come join our tribe!

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