Mindfulness and SEL in the Classroom - Certified Educator Program will help you explore how to use mindfulness practices in the classroom with your students, as parents with your own kids and as youth leaders with your group members.  These are actual methods that have been tried in Title 1 schools and that actually work.

Courses required for the certificate:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (6 weekly lessons)

  • Breathwork (21 daily lessons)

  • Meditation (21 daily lessons)

  • Affirmation and Gratitude for a Hurting World (12 lessons)

Mindfulness in the Classroom Course includes:

  • Mindfulness for Kids (5-12) - (6 weekly lessons)

  • Mindfulness for Adolescents - (6 weekly lessons)

Integrating SEL into the Classroom

  • Classroom procedures, Environment and Using Breaks (6 weekly lessons)

  • Teacher self regulation and co regulation strategies (21 daily lessons)

  • Specific classroom ideas for integration for your content area. (6 weekly lessons)

​​Self guided.  1:1 or small group coaching available at a special teacher rate. Perfect for Youth Ministry leaders as well.

Bundled Price is 300.00

Payment Plan is 55.00 for 6 months.


Completion of the certificate allows you to use the anacronym MSEL-CE after your name designating your credential.

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