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Continuing Education

Workshops Currently Offered

(Custom Workshops Available)

Mental wellness through mindfulness and self care with trauma informed resiliency building for teachers, classrooms, organizations, individuals and families with expressive arts therapy, behavior coaching, expressive therapeutic arts and social emotional learning utilizing the arts is what I specialize in.

  • Universal Lectio Divina Therapeutic Art Practices™

  • Universal Visio Divina ™

  • Intuitive Meditation Art Making

  • Healing Through Art for Palliative Care and End of Life Cycles

  • (Participant and Train the Trainer)

  • Healing With the Arts (Participant and Train the Trainer)

  • Therapeutic Art Practices

  • Shamanic Art Therapy™ and Facilitation

  • Stress Release Through Art Making

  • Mandala Art Therapy

  • NeuroArt Therapy™

  • Trauma Informed Classroom

  • Trauma Informed Organization

  • Building Resiliency Through Mindfulness

  • ADHD Interventions

  • Dealing with Explosive Students

  • Self Care Essentials

  • Self Care Assessment and Planning

  • Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Grief and Loss in the Classroom

  • Gratitude Building

  • Developing Self Compassion

  • SEL in the Elementary Art Room

  • Trauma Informed Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Practices (Breathwork, Meditation Styles, EFT, Mindfulness Recovery/Relapse Prevention, Mindfulness in Grief, Mindful Arts)

  • Trauma Informed Resilient Congregations

If you are a teacher who has experienced trauma in the classroom or school or would like to learn more about trauma and resiliency practices in the classroom, please join us in or online support group on Facebook. We will provide positive support to each other, learn coping skills, mindfulness strategies and stress management techniques. It is not a site to go to get professional help or diagnosis. It is a positive, strengths based support group.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your site, art educator professional development or group work, please contact us!