Mindfulness Based, Trauma Informed, Creative Arts Certifications

Certificate Programs Are:

  • Mindful and Meditative Arts Facilitator and Life Coach Certification


  • Transpersonal Art  Practitioner and Facilitator Certification 

  • Shamanic Arts Practitioner and Facilitator Certification

  • Mindfulness and SEL Educator Certification

  • Trauma Informed Classroom Certification


Only the Therapeutic Art Facilitator program require application.  We are now accepting applications for these programs.  For the specific course requirements and lists for each program please see the outlines and links below.  Please bear with us as we transition our live workshops online.

Contact us here if you would like to be on the list for the program in the future or have questions.

Certification programs are carefully designed to give you the necessary skills to help you succeed in facilitating therapeutic, transformative (transpersonal/spiritual), Shamanic arts groups, develop a mindfulness based, trauma informed, creative arts practice, lead groups or just learn more about sacred arts.

Mindful Expressive Arts embody visual art, music, performing arts, narrative art, dance and film and the process takes you through a format for running groups that incorporates a variety of methods of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. Therapeutic Art training programs here focus only on different forms of visual art making and facilitation that is process oriented.  All other certification courses are expressive arts based incorporating music, poetry, film, drama, dance, etc.  The Therapeutic Art program explores how to facilitate groups in workshops of self discovery and includes coursework in teaching you how to navigate difficult emotions, grief/loss and different medical and mental health issues that may arise in your groups.  This is NOT a therapy training program.  This program will NOT meet the requirements in the United States for an Art Therapist or Expressive Arts Therapist registration.  This is a stand alone program and certification is only through this institute in the United States.  We are the first institute in the U.S.. to offer man of these specific types of training. These approaches are not art therapy.  It is a therapeutic creative and expressive arts practice that is process oriented not therapeutic goal driven or product driven for selling art.  With that said, many licensed therapist ranging from substance abuse counselors to LPC's may consider taking the training to implement some of these skills in their work as they find appropriate within their scope of service and training.

Therapeutic Art Facilitator and Life Coach Certification

Therapeutic art classes always include a trauma informed mindfulness approach to grounding and centering, freedom to explore with different modalities of creative expression, freedom to share whatever spiritual, religious or cultural influences that you want to share in your art, freedom to share whatever emotional or healing aspects you want to share in group closings.  Therapeutic art is a process based approach to intuitive art making. 

Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator and Life Coach Certification

Life Coach consists of  leaning different methods of meditative art making and defining a practice of your own that embraces that.  We deep dive in to mandalas, doodling and tangles, collage, intuitive painting and photography and learn how to combine music, poetry, song lyrics, film, dance/movement with the visual art.  Again the focus in process now product.  No art experience is necessary.

Shamanic Art Facilitator and Life Coach Certification

 is a very specialized field focusing on the integration of connection and honoring of the Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and the Ancestors that have come before.  We create ceremony and ritual, explore sacred symbols, examine different types of Indigenous creative methods and pieces exploring the multidimensional aspect of arts place in Shamanic and Indigenous life.  This is not a certificate course where you will learn sacred Indigenous traditions.  We honor the sacredness of all Indigenous traditions.

Transpersonal Art Facilitator and Life Coach certification at the institute focuses on cultural practices and artists that use art making as a spiritual practice.  We'll look at Kandinsky, The Transcendentalist Painting Group, the process and of Visio Divina and Lectio Divina and the influence of art throughout spiritual and sacred practices.  We will also look at creating art as a spiritual practice, explore different experiential methods and spiritual rituals/ceremonies and processes and you will develop your own transformative art personal practice.  To teach it, you have to do it and live it.

Mindfulness and SEL in the Classroom Certificate

provides the basics of trauma informed care knowledge, how to make your classroom trauma sensitive in it's practices, you learn about trauma and the brain, the ACE test and how to deal with behaviors and whole class management from a trauma informed lens.  Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Based education provides the foundations of implementing SEL into your classroom for all content areas, how to manage your classroom lessons in a timely manner and integrate them with SEL concepts, and of course, mindfulness practices to teach self regulation, self awareness, self regulation and co-regulation, and as a life long tool students can use to manage stress.

Trauma Informed Classroom Certificate

With this program you'll study in depth how to work with behaviors from traumatize children that might be in your classroom, how to build resilience skills through cognitive processes and mindfulness and develop an in depth look at self care.

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