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Mindfulness Based Creative Arts Certifications

Certification programs are carefully designed to give you the necessary skills to help you succeed in facilitating therapeutic arts groups, develop a mindfulness based creative arts practice, lead groups or just learn more about sacred arts and the history of spirituality in arts practices.

Creative arts embodies visual art, music, performing arts, narrative art, dance and film.  This is an intermodal, interdisciplinary approach that does not simply focus on art therapy.  In fact, this is not art therapy.  It is therapeutic creative and expressive arts.

What's the difference between art therapy and therapeutic arts?   Art therapy focuses on a treatment goal and processes that help change skills to meet that goal.  Therapeutic arts is arts process driven, encouraging you to create intuitively, with no experience necessary and allowing whatever healing, spiritual or emotional experience to take place that happens through the arts making/performing process.    Therapeutic arts classes always include a trauma informed mindfulness approach to grounding and centering, freedom to explore with different modalities of creative expression, freedom to share whatever spiritual, religious or cultural influences that you want to share in your art, freedom to share whatever emotional or healing aspects you want to share in group closings.  Therapeutic arts is a process based approach to intuitive art making.

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Certificate Programs Are:

  • Mindfulness Based Creative Arts Foundations - Level 1 (Required of All Programs)

  • Trauma Informed Ways of Being Certification (Required for Therapeutic Art Certification) with an emphasis in schools or organizations.

  • Mindfulness Based Therapeutic Arts Certification (Foundations Level 1  and Trauma Informed Ways of Being Required)

  • Certification in Sacred and Spiritual Arts

  • Certification of Art History of Spirituality and the Arts