Mindfulness Based, Trauma Informed, Creative Arts Certifications


Enroll now! Start now!  The Mindful and Meditative Arts Facilitator and Life Coach Certification Program

Certification programs are carefully designed to give you the necessary skills to help you succeed in facilitating therapeutic, transformative (transpersonal/spiritual), mindful and meditative arts groups, develop a mindfulness based, trauma informed, creative arts practice, lead groups or just learn more about sacred arts.

Mindful Expressive Arts embody a mindful, meditative, intuitive creative practice that you will develop for yourself and learn to teach others.  It consists of visual art, music, performing arts, narrative art, dance and film and the process takes you through a format for running groups that incorporates a variety of methods of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. 


Therapeutic Expressive Arts training programs here focus on different forms of visual art making and facilitation that is process oriented.  All other certification courses are expressive arts based incorporating music, poetry, film, drama, dance, etc.  The Therapeutic Expressive Arts program explores how to facilitate groups in workshops of self discovery and includes coursework in teaching you how to navigate difficult emotions, grief/loss and different medical and mental health issues that may arise in your groups. $600.00 USD for the entire program (100.00 a month for 6 months or 50 dollars a month for 12 months).  Enrollments open this spring.


This is NOT a therapy training program.  This program will NOT meet the requirements in the United States for an Art Therapist or Expressive Arts Therapist registration.  This is a stand alone program and certification is only through this institute in the United States.  We are the first institute in the U.S. to offer many of these specific types of training. These approaches are not art therapy.  It is a therapeutic creative and expressive arts practice that is process oriented not therapeutic goal driven or product driven for selling art.  With that said, many licensed therapist ranging from substance abuse counselors to LPC's may consider taking the training to implement some of these skills in their work as they find appropriate within their scope of service and training as well as individuals who solely have an interest in personal development or creating a art based life coaching business.

Samadhi Yoga Arts - Love yoga (or want to try it) and love art?  Our Samadhi Yoga Arts Training teaches you how to combine yoga, pranayama (breathwork), meditation and mantra with expressive arts making practices (visual art, free movement, writing and music).  Jessica is a RYT-200 finishing her RYT300 (500), an Accessible Yoga Teacher and Ambassador, Yoga 4 All and Body Positive Yoga trained as well as certified in restorative, chair, kids, Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Steps) and slow yoga.  She specializes in plus size, voluptuous goddess yoga as well as yoga for limited mobility clients--even bed yoga for those bed ridden.  She is an art teacher of 25 years and a professional therapist and meditative intuitive artist as well. - 297.00 for the entire program (or 100.00 a month for 3 months/50.00 a month for 6 months).  Enrollment opens this spring.

Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Classroom - Certified Educator Program - This program focuses on developing your mindfulness practice and using yoga and movement in the classroom as well as how to introduce and teach mindfulness concepts in K-12 classrooms.  You will get quality instruction from Jessica who is a clinical trauma specialist and has certificates of study in trauma informed education organizations and clinical foundations of trauma.  Jessica also has served as a Trauma and Resiliency Team Lead, District Team Leader and a School Based Resiliency Specialist.  The content resources used include some of the most outstanding mindfulness and yoga resources for the classroom.  Tried and true content from Jessica's own teaching practices in high risk, multiethnic schools serving low socioeconomic areas that turned behavior nightmares into beautiful gems.  $149.00 for the entire program (or $50 dollars per month for 3 months).  Enrollments start in the spring.

Mindful and Meditative Arts Facilitator Training Level 2 - this is our advanced Mindful and Meditative Arts Facilitator Training that focuses on more advanced mindfulness and meditation practices, additional mindful and meditative arts practices in clay and sculpture works, more printing, fibers, and photography and digital arts.  It expands on intuitive mixed media practices and more advanced mandala practices as well.

Scholarships available!

We have scholarships for those in financial need that discount our already low need based rate for each program.  The scholarship form is at the bottom of the information page you link from here.  While we do not offer full tuition coverage we do offer a deeper discount on tuition depending on your circumstances.

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