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About Jessica

Mindfulness Based, Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching with Mental Health Integrated Medicine

SEL, Resiliency and Mindfulness Trainer


I specialize in assisting individuals who struggle with trauma recovery, substance abuse recovery, anxiety and depression, grief and chronic pain issues, self regulation issues and offer behavior consultations with parents and teachers through a mindfulness based, trauma informed, expressive and therapeutic arts experience.







For the past 20 years I have taught social emotional learning and mindfulness in both the regular classroom, special education classroom and fine arts classroom incorporating them in a positive behavior, relationship based intervention and behavior management system.  Since 2003 I have taught art to children and adults through the use of expressive arts education.  Therapeutic and Expressive Arts Therapy and Facilitation is a "no art experience required" process of exploring creativity, and yourself, in a nonjudgemental way combining different forms of creating in one session, activity or lesson.  For instance you might start a session with grounding, breathwork and a short moving meditation, then move to an art based creation process (painting, collage, photography), then in summary, create a poem or find quotes that say something personal and meaningful about your process of creation or piece of work.

Mindfulness helps us dive deep and find sanctuary in our process of creating.  I've been a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years, studied Pranayama, Tantric and Primordial Breathwork and Meditation at the Chopra Center and am trained in Isha Kriya, iRest, Taoist meditation, Metta and moving meditations along with continuing education certificates from the University of New Mexico in meditation. I am trained in John Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and am a certified mindfulness practitioner, a master mindfulness and meditation teacher, a Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness and Meditation Life Coach, expressive arts therapist and meditative artist. I have been a student of Bhakti yoga for nearly 2 decades, while embracing and calling on the power of universal energy from the Christ Consciousness, Christian Mystics, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Sufism and Indigenous and earth based traditions. I come from a New Thought (Earnest Holmes and Charles Fillmore), Universalist perspective respecting all paths of spirituality.

I added Mental Health Integrated Medicine in 2018, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes to my practice as a method to enhance mood, control anxiety and improve general health specifically for pain management, trauma, grief and addictions recovery. I believe in a holistic strengths based, wellness approach focusing on creating positive wellness and coping strategies for healing and life's journey in 1:1 coaching, counseling and therapy.  I see mental health challenges not as mental illness, but as an opportunity to develop strategies and skills for mental wellness.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, Licensed Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (Adult, Child Adolescent, Family and addictions based) with additional training from Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Janina Fischer, Dr. Robert Rhoton and Dr. Eric Gentry , Dr, Dan Siegel and Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk, and numerous trauma centered organizations. In my expressive arts therapy work I've been trained by Dr. Nancy Rowe, Dr. Jill Mellick , Shelly Krammer and Dr. Cathy Malchiodi to name a few. I provide workshops throughout the Midwest on social emotional learning in the arts, teacher self care, trauma basics, stress management, trauma informed classrooms to school, non profits and church congregations building resilience.  I facilitate alternative addictions recovery and grief groups that includes secular philosophy, Buddhist based 12 step programs, faith based and strength based counseling and mindfulness practices.

The purpose of my custom designed programs for individuals and support groups are to help you stabilize, restore, and optimize your physical, mental and emotional health.  Therapeutic and Expressive Arts, wellness counseling, lifestyle coaching, psycho education and the development of coping strategies are offered as we work together to create a path through life for you that is meaningful and healthy.  


You are not a one size fits all being.

Sliding scale and payment plans available. Not covered by insurance.

The Institute offers online and live workshops and courses in: mindfulness and meditation, trauma informed classroom, trauma sensitive practices, therapeutic and expressive arts and spiritual/sacred art.



Jessica Waters, M.A.,N.L.C.-R.P., MPS. MPC


 ADHD Certified Educator, Co-occurring Disorders FIT Certified (Hazelden), Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Certified, Healing Through Art Trainer, Healing Through Art for Palliative Care Certified Trainer, Health in Arts Certified Trainer, Registered Psychotherapist (CO), Missouri Prevention Specialist, Missouri Associate Alcohol and Drug Counselor-II (P), CAC III eligible

Specialization Certificates

N.L.C.-R.P.-Registered Psychotherapist (CO)

M.S.P.- MO Prevention Specialist 

CAIMHP-Certified Addictions Informed Mental Health Provider

Trained fully in Hazelden FIT Co-Occuring Disorders Program

CCTP 1 & 2 - Certified Clinical Trauma Provider and Complex Trauma Provider


CTSS -Certified Trauma Support Specialist


CTP - Certified Trauma Professional

CATP - Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

CCFP - Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional

CCATP-CA - Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

AMTP - Anger Management Treatment Professional

ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider

ADHD - Certified Educator

CMHIMP - Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider

MCP - Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and Mindfulness/Meditation Life Coach - Archology Institute and Transformation Academy

​Certified Grief Support Specialist - (completing March 2020), University of Wisconsin-Madison

​Certified Primordial Breath Practitioner 

Certificate in Positive Psychology-University of Pennsylvania


Certificate of Social Emotional Learning University of Colorado- Boulder


Cal State University Institute of Palliative Care-Healing Through Art for Palliative Care- Train the Trainer


Certificate in Arts in Health - Arts in Health Institute

Certification-Trauma Informed Care Expressive Arts Therapy

Certificates in Trauma Informed Care for Organization, Clinical Foundations of Trauma Informed Care, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and Mindfulness-University at Buffalo-SUNY

Certification in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Life Coach-Transformation Academy

Graduate hours in Special Education and doctoral hours Educational Leadership-Pittsburg State University and Capella University

Certificate of Transpersonal Studies: Creative Expression-Sofia University

Certificate in Fine Art-Kansas City Art Institute

M.F.A.-I.A. Studies-Goddard College

M.A. Psychology-Regis University

B.S.Ed. - Education, University of Saint Mary

A.A. - Music, Metropolitan Community Colleges