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Workshops, courses and coaching in trauma informed mindfulness practices, expressive and therapeutic arts and meditative arts.


All workshops, coaching and support group sessions will be online for the next 90 days via Coursecraft and Zoom conferencing.   We are dedicated to keeping you and our practitioners safe at all times.  We are lowering our coaching prices to a love donation (20.00 suggested) per 30 minute session to support learning mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety, trauma and grief during this once in a lifetime event.  Converting to a complete telemed and online environment will take us a week or so to get some things up and running, so please bear with us.  If you need immediate support contact us at info@mindfulcreativearts.com.  If it is a life threatening emergency contact 911.

Remember to breathe during this time and enforce social distancing procedures in your lifestyle.

We want to assist in helping people in crisis during this time.  Below are three new resources for you that will help lead you through this crazy time in history.  All are FREE or a love donation.  Adults who work with or have children, check out the resource course.


 We offer individualized and group mindfulness based, trauma informed  arts based wellness programs for people in any stage of life or recovery.



 No art experience required!

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Resources to help you get through this crisis.

Healing Affirmations and Gratitude Practice for a Hurting World in Crisis


Mindfulness for Anxiety During Crisis

Now Open!
Coming Soon!  


The arts respect and worship life and story. 

Every creation is a sacred ceremony.

-Jessica Waters


Expressive Arts Workshops

If you are looking for a different experience in creating art where no art experience is required, that incorporates different modes of expression from visual art to poetry, then try one of our workshops that will encourage you to connect with your heart, mind and soul through mindfulness, contemplative prayer and meditation. As a participant you'll explore and play with different media, connecting to the power of expression in the personal growth, spiritual development and healing process.  

Our facilitator is a licensed and certified art educator and mental health practitioner with specialized training in trauma, mindfulness, expressive and therapeutic art and addictions, who has decades of experience in teaching expressive arts groups and facilitating trauma sensitive mindfulness practices for all ages.  For more information about Jessica, please visit the about page.

New groups are always forming for live workshops in the Kansas City Metro Area.  We have provided expressive arts groups to nonprofits, churches, camps, schools and individuals.  Online workshops are currently in development and will start in 2020.

Classroom and Teacher Training

Due to the COVID19 Virus Pandemic we are suspending in-person workshops at school sites for the rest of the school year for 2020.  Should circumstances change we will make alterations to that, however, this is currently in the best interest of our practitioners, the teachers we serve and their family members.  Teacher workshops and coaching will still be available online via Zoom, Facebook, phone and email.

Our owner/facilitator/coach, Jessica Waters has 25 years of experience working in the public and private school system at the elementary level.  She has trained school district and site personnel in Trauma Basics, Trauma Informed Classroom Development, Social Emotional Learning, Self Care Practices, Classroom Management, Mindful Schools, Resilience and Expressive Art for Stress Relief, as well as given workshops for state teacher and art education associations and facilitates mentoring in developing Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Classrooms and SEL Integrated Visual Art Rooms.  She is currently a trainer and practicing expressive arts facilitator with a school district outside Kansas City and a member of the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness's Think Thank-Education Division.

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MBTI Expressive Arts Recovery Coaching

We offer Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Recovery Coaching using a holistic, strengths based, expressive arts modality.  We specialize in Grief Counseling/Coaching and Healing with Art Palliative-End of Life Facilitation  as well as holistic trauma and addiction recovery coaching that includes expressive arts, nutrition, spirituality and mindfulness practices.

  • MBTI Teacher and Classroom Mentoring/Coaching with SEL Integrated Classrooms


  • MBTI Grief, Caregiver and Family Loss Coaching with End of Life Care and Healing with Art in Palliative Care®

  • MB Trauma Recovery Coaching®

  • MBTI Addiction Recovery Coaching®

  • MBTI Expressive Art Coaching

Coaching is not therapy.  It can be used singly or in addition to therapy.

Certified MBTI Therapeutic Art Practitioner and Facilitator

Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Educator Certification® - (includes SEL)

Transformative Arts Certification

Dear Child of God, you are loved with a love that nothing can shake, a love that loved you long before you were created, a love that will be there long after everything has disappeared. You are precious, with a preciousness that is totally quite immeasurable. And God wants you to be like God. Filled with life and goodness and laughter—and joy." -Desmond Tutu

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  • SoundScape Therapy® and Sound Therapy

  • NeuroArt Therapy

  • Mindful Mandalas and Mandala Therapy

  • Mindful Doodling

  • Lectio Divina Therapy®

  • Visio Divina Therapy®

  • Bible and Sacred Text Journaling®

  • Archetypes and JourneyCards

  • Art for Stress Relief

  • Integrating Mindfulness into the Classroom

  • Integrating Mindfulness Based, Trauma Informed, Social Emotional Learning into Children's Expressive Arts Groups

  • Trauma Informed Classroom and more!