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The real meditation is how you live your life.  -Jon Kabat-Zin

Mindfulness Based Creative Arts Institute offers online and live courses and coaching in trauma informed mindfulness practices, self care, self improvement, therapeutic arts, integrated behavioral medicine and sacred arts for certification and personal growth. 

Accepting clients for individual, parent and group treatment/coaching services from a mindfulness based, trauma informed, expressive arts, strengths based, individualized, holistic approach with specializations in trauma, addictions anxiety, depression, grief, anger management and ADHD.


Available for workshops and presentations on trauma informed care, trauma sensitive schools/classrooms,  mindfulness and self care, arts integrated SEL, behavior interventions for children in specific populations (school and home), mindfulness and grief, addictions and prevention topics.

Select online courses will begin December 26th, 2019



You are the Universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi

We specialize in courses that focus on inter-modal, interdisciplinary, intuitive, therapeutic arts encompassing visual art, dance, music, writing, film and performance.  We combine these arts practices for personal expression and healing.  Using a trauma sensitive mindfulness approach we educate you not only on how to facilitate groups and individual coaching in therapeutic, creative and expressive arts, but also in mindfulness based techniques and trauma informed ways of being.  We also offer school based and teacher programs in arts based trauma informed and trauma sensitive classrooms, self care/resiliency and mindful practices in the classroom.  We'll teach you essentials to facilitation, core foundations in trauma informed mindfulness and guide you through learning about specific populations and constructs of therapeutic arts in healing.

We also offer a certificate in Mindfulness Based Art History with courses that examine artists who have embraced spirituality and mindfulness practices as apart of their art making. 

Individual Therapeutic Art Life Coaching, Behavior Therapy, Substance Abuse Prevention workshops, Trauma Basics and Trauma Informed classroom workshops, Intuitive and Expressive Arts Workshops, Integrated Behavioral Medicine Consults, Therapeutic Art Groups and Self Care/Resiliency Plan development are available by appointment.


Whether you’re looking for one course or to become certified in one of our program tracks, continue browsing to read about our programs, admissions process and so much more.


These are foundational requirements to the Therapeutic Art Certification.

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Based Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Level 1 and Level 2

Certificate in Sacred and Spiritual Arts

Certificate in Mindfulness Based Art History

Process Specific Methods and Behavior Management Continuing Education.


“Creativity takes courage.”

Henri Matisse