Workshops, courses and coaching in trauma informed mindfulness practices, expressive and therapeutic arts and meditative arts.
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 We offer individualized and group mindfulness based, trauma informed  arts based, therapy, coaching and wellness programs for people in any stage of life or recovery.

 No art experience required!

The arts respect and worship life and story. 

Every creation is a sacred ceremony.

Jessica Waters, Owner-Instructor-Coach-Counselor

Therapy Session
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MBTI Expressive Arts Recovery Coaching and Counseling 

We are dedicated to providing mental health wellness and psychotherapy to underserved and low income clients who may not have insurance or cannot afford normal therapy costs.  Our certification programs, coaching/therapy and courses are significantly lower than other providers because of that.  Our intention is to help you find your own healing power and train you to go out and help others.  It is a pay it forward concept. 

We offer Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Recovery Coaching using a holistic, strengths based, expressive arts modality.  We specialize in Grief Counseling/Coaching and Healing with Art Palliative-End of Life Facilitation  as well as holistic trauma and addiction recovery coaching that includes expressive arts, nutrition, spirituality and mindfulness practices.​  Coaching is not therapy.  It can be used singly or in addition to therapy.  Therapy services are available to Colorado residents.

Abstract Blur
Abstract Blur

  • Zen Drawing and Meditative Mark Making

  • Meditative Affirmation Art™

  • NeuroMindfulness Expression™

  • Mindful Mandalas and Mandala Therapy

  • Lectio Divina Therapy®

  • Visio Divina Therapy®

  • Shamanic Arts Based Courses

  • Mindfulness Based Trauma Informed Classroom and more!

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